Thursday 8 August 2013

On this Wonderful Day Thanks to all who wished me Happy Solo Day

It was 10 January My Flight Instructor Said
You are ready for Solo now

I Taxied My Cessna 172 to the Runway 28 All Alone

I Airborn my Cessna by my Own

I thought it was a  Take Off

Ohh Yes It is I am AirBorn Now. 

“Oh! Seat next to me is vacant, ? M I a Captain Now ? 

As I was in the Air

I started screaming without any care

No one was there to hear

I remembered God for a while

And sung a short Poem 

Yellow Land, Green Trees and Blue Lake

Seemed to be Artistic but Great

My view was entirely different

All because of my merriment

This Solo Flight has changed into a Festival

It was such a miracle of Life

There was a streak of confidence on my face

This was my First Step towards Aviation Success

I was filled with a feeling of a Pilot's Responsibility

Oh my Darling Cessna Today you are so pretty!

I was on my Final approach Runway 100

Without any help of my coach

My plane smoothly kissed the runway

I need not to say

When I was on ground

My landing made others Spell Bound

My Pilot's shirt was Scribbled with Compliments

It was the Colorful Proof of my Flying Achievement

This was the most Beautiful Present

I have ever got to clear the Test

Thanks to my Chief Flight Instructor

My Dearest Pilot, My Instructor

Your Importance in my life can never be Lost

I want to raise him a Toast

On this Wonderful Day

Thanks to all who wished me 

Happy Solo Day 


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